Student Handbook

Code of Conduct
General Information

ACCIDENT INSURANCE – All students in PEI Public schools are now covered under a provincial accident insurance plan.  This is paid for by the Department of Education.

BUS SERVICE – Students and parents who have questions or concerns about bus service are asked to contact the transportation supervisor.  Expectations regarding behavior on the busses will be described and enforced by individual drivers with support from the school administration.

EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES – In addition to the various programs that are offered in the classroom, there is a large variety of activities offered outside the classroom.  The following is a list of activities that are usually conducted at Westisle:

  • Badminton
  • Golf
  • Softball
  • Band
  • Intramurals
  • Student Council
  • Basketball
  • Legislative Page-Program
  • Track and Field
  • Baseball
  • PEI-Quebec Exchange
  • Volleyball
  • Busker Club
  • Rugby
  • Yearbook
  • Cross Country      
  • Skills Canada
  • Youth Parliament
  • Drama
  • Soccer
  • Westisle Armover Club

FOOD SERVICE – Full and partial meal services are available in the cafeteria at noon hour.  Students may also bring lunches from home but, in either case, all food is to be consumed in the cafeteria (lower floor area).  Students are expected to clean the table after eating by putting leftovers in the garbage cans and returning trays to the appropriate places.  As well, students are required to sort their garbage according to the Island Waste Watch guidelines which are posted throughout the cafeteria.

(GROUP) TEEN PARENT SUPPORT – meets weekly at the school.  The group provides pregnant and parenting young mothers a chance to get together.  The group offers education and support regarding healthy choices in nutrition, parenting and lifestyle issues.  For more information contact Janie Bulger@ Kids West Inc. – phone 853-3437.  

LEARNING CENTER – The Learning Center, located in room 412 (connected to the library), helps students build confidence and improve performance in school.  Personalized programs and support are available to all students. Our goal is to motivate students to achieve success.

LIBRARY – Students are urged to use this area and its resources for study, research and quiet reading.  This area is closely supervised and students who use it for social purposes (talking, etc.), will be asked to leave.  All materials taken from the Resource Centre must be signed out at the main desk. Students are responsible for the care and return of all such materials and will be required to pay for any loss or damage incurred.

LOCK & LOCKERS – Lockers are assigned to students so they can keep books and other possessions in a relatively safe place.  Everyone must have his/her own locker. Only locks provided by the school can be used and these can be obtained from the homeroom teacher in September.  Students are reminded that the lockers are the property of the school and lockers must never house illegal or prohibited items. In the interest of safety, the administration of the school may conduct searches of student lockers from time to time.  Students may or may not be given prior notification of these searches.  Students should exercise great caution with respect to what is stored in their lockers.  Housing contraband, offensive documents (e.g. hate literature), or any other prohibited items in lockers (whether the items are yours or not) will result in consequences based on the school’s Code of Conduct and the RCMP may be notified.  Since lockers provide limited security, personal items such as money, jewelry, etc., should not be left in lockers.

LOST AND FOUND – Any items found within the school are brought to the main office where they may be claimed by the owners.

PARENTS’ COUNCIL – Westisle has an active Parents’ Council (School Council) which meets regularly to discuss issues, represent parent concerns and give advice to the principal.  The Council is comprised of a parent representative from each of the nine feeder school districts (7 elementaries – 2 junior highs), two teachers, president of the Student Council and the principal.  All parents/guardians are welcome to attend the meetings. 

REPORT CARDS – Report cards will be sent home twice each semester.  Mid-semester report cards and end-of-semester report cards need not be returned.

SCENT REDUCTION POLICY – Due to the increased sensitivity to environmental odors, we would appreciate your co-operation in helping us provide a scent-reduced environment for our students and staff.  Thank you. Students not following this scent-reduction policy will be spoken to first by the teacher and if the problem persists, the office will get involved.

SCHOOL CANCELLATIONS – Notice of school closings due to weather conditions will be broadcast on island radio stations or at  When school is closed for a storm, there will be no school activities that day.

SCHOOL TRIPS – Teachers, students and parents are reminded that the PEI Department of Education Early Learning and Culture requires forms to be filled out by the student/parent and teacher/coach/advisor for all co-curricular and extra-curricular out of school trips.  Parents are also reminded that students taking their own vehicle for any of the above must fill out the appropriate forms. Parents must also be aware that students are not allowed to transport other students to any school functions.  All forms are available at the main office.

SPORTS – Athletics will form a large part of school life at Westisle. We usually have a full schedule of inter-school sports including volleyball, badminton, basketball, cross-country, golf, power-lifting, track and field, softball, soccer and rugby.  All students are eligible for interscholastic sports. Watch for the time and place to sign up for the various teams. All team members are subject to the rules and regulations which will be explained when you sign up for a sport.

Athlete of the Year – The Male and Female Athlete of the Year Award shall be awarded annually to the student Athlete who best displays the qualities of outstanding athletic ability, sportsmanship, determination, and academic success.  All coaches and the principal shall form the selection committee.

STUDENT STORE – Basic school supplies and various items of clothing including footwear are available in the school’s student store during noon hours.

STUDENT SERVICES – Two counsellors are available to help students with personal, vocational and educational concerns.  Assistance is available on course selection, university and college information, scholarships and student loan information, student assessment, study skills and emotional support.  Students are urged to take advantage of this service as well as the career resources available in the guidance area. 

STUDENT VEHICLES AND PARKING – Students are allowed to bring a vehicle to school provided they drive responsibly. Students must use the designated student parking area only. Parking in the School Board parking lot or compound is strictly prohibited and may result in a charge under the Trespass Act or the vehicle may be towed.  As well, irresponsible driving or parking violations may result in the student having the privilege of driving to school revoked.  We remind you that the speed limit is 20KM/H maximum at Westisle.  We do not encourage students to take other students to and from school because of risks of legal liability.  Students are reminded that parking is at their own risk. Westisle and the Public Schools Branch are not responsible for loss/damage to vehicles on our property.

TELEPHONES – One telephone for student use is available in the school.  Please keep conversations brief so as not to inconvenience others.  Calls must be made when classes are not in session.  Phones in the main office may be used in cases of emergency.  Secretaries will take messages for students from parents/guardians, or messages which are of an emergency nature only.  Parents in the Tyne Valley area can call the school Toll Free (1-800-663-3338).

TEXTBOOKS – Textbooks will be issued to students by subject teachers and are to be properly cared for throughout the year.  Any student losing a book during the year or failing to take proper care of any book will be required to pay as determined by the Department of Education prices.  Failure to make compensation for lost or damaged books will result in report cards, diplomas, etc…being withheld by the school. Lost or damaged books will be replaced in accordance with the following scale.

New Book or Good Book Full Value

Fair Condition Half Value

Policies and Procedures

Students have a responsibility to refrain from:

  • social media – in a negative manner
  • fighting and other forms of physical abuse and intimidation
  • verbal abuse
  • alcohol and drug use on school property, at school functions and/or during school hours
  • vandalism and destruction of school property   
  • tampering with fire alarms
  • bringing weapons to school (knives, guns, etc.)
  • profanity
  • wearing clothing displaying indecent wording and/or graphics
  • public displays of affection beyond hand holding (i.e. kissing, etc.)
  • skipping classes
  • stealing
  • driving a vehicle in a reckless manner and/or with excessive speed on school premises
  • parking of vehicles in places other than designated student parking areas
  • smoking on PSB property
  • wearing hats or hoods in school
  • littering
  • cheating and plagiarism
  • bringing to school and/or using firecrackers, stink bombs and water pistols/water balloons.
  • inciting an incident

Violations of any of the above will be dealt with according to the severity of the problem with appropriate consequences ranging from warnings and counseling to suspensions.  In severe situations the Public Schools Branch reserves the right to expel a student from school. At all times the rules and regulations of the Public Schools Branch as established in the Communities for Learning documents will be applied.


  • FIGHTING – minimum 5 day suspension depending upon the severity of the fight.  RCMP may be notified to lay charges.
  • HARASSMENT, VERBAL ABUSE, INTIMIDATION AND INAPPROPRIATE USE OF SOCIAL NETWORKING – minimum 1 – 5 day suspension depending upon the severity of the situation. RCMP may be notified to lay charges.
  • VANDALISM, DESTRUCTION AND/OR THEFT OF SCHOOL OR PERSONAL PROPERTY – minimum 1 – 5 day suspension, restitution, and/or notification of RCMP.
  • ALCOHOL/DRUG/DRUG USE AND/OR POSSESSION – minimum 5 day suspension and/or notification of RCMP to lay charges.  10 to 20 day suspension may result from severe infractions (e.g. trafficking or repeat offences).
  • PULLING OF FIRE ALARMS/DAMAGING FIRE DETECTORS FOR MISCHIEF – 3 day suspension and notification of RCMP to lay charges.
  • BOMB SCARE – minimum 5 day suspension and notification of the RCMP to lay charges.
  • PROHIBITED WEAPONS – minimum 10 day suspension and notification of RCMP to lay charges.
  • ITEMS THAT CAN BE USED AS A WEAPON – warning and removal of weapon(s) to the Main Office first offense; possible suspension and notification of the RCMP.   Minimum 3 day suspension and notification of RCMP for second offense.
  • RECKLESS DRIVING/SPEEDING – minimum 1 day suspension and removal of driving privileges on school property for a period of time.  
  • PERSISTENT PROFANITY – minimum 1 day suspension.
  • VAPING/SMOKING ON PSB PROPERTY – progressive discipline beginning with a 1 day suspension.
  • INDECENT CLOTHING – prohibited from wearing again; minimum 1 day suspension for subsequent offenses.
  • PERSISTENT PARKING IN RESTRICTED AREAS – Warning, removal of driving privileges to school for a period of time.  Vehicle may be towed at the owner’s expense.  
  • SKIPPING CLASSES – warning for first offense, for a subsequent offense, action will be determined by administration. 
  • FIRECRACKERS AND STINK BOMBS – confiscation and 1 day suspension.
  • WATER PISTOLS AND WATER DEVICES – confiscation, cleanup (where necessary) and warning.  A one day suspension for 2nd offense.
  • PERSISTENT REFUSAL TO FOLLOW ANY TEACHER’S/STAFF MEMBER’S INSTRUCTIONS – removal from class for 1 day or suspension from school depending upon the severity of the situation.

CHEATING AND PLAGIARISM – cheating is a dishonest act that calls into question one’s integrity.  If, for example, someone cheats on a test or an assignment, that person has demonstrated a lack of respect for their work, course, teacher and themselves.

It should be noted that if someone knowingly helps another person to cheat they are equally responsible and as a result will be held accountable.


  • 1st offence – 0% for the work in question, administration and parents notified.
  • repeat offense under another subject teacher will result in 0% for the work in question;  administration and parents notified and academic counselling arranged with guidance.
  • repeat offense for the same subject teacher may result in loss of credit for the course.


  • The first offence will result in a warning from the teacher and the incident will be documented by that teacher.
  • The second offence will result in the teacher calling home and the incident will be recorded on the school’s computer system.                                                       
  • The third offence will result in an office referral.
  • If there are subsequent instances of inappropriate language being used by that student, the action will be determined by the teacher and administration.        


Students and staff are expected to dress in a manner that contributes to the learning atmosphere of the school. School attire should reflect an attitude of pride in self, school and community. A part of learning is the making of appropriate decisions on suitable types of dress for various activities. Clothing and footwear should conform with established health and safety requirements for the intended activity (e.g., health and physical education classes, science classes, sporting events, technical education, etc.). 

In keeping with our expectations to provide a safe and respectful learning environment, the following restrictions will apply:  

  • no clothing referring to illegal substances or activities
  • no clothing displaying sexual innuendo, profanity or violence
  • no clothing degrading gender, racial groups or ethnic background.
  • All tops require straps. Mesh or backless shirts should have a layer of clothing underneath.  

The administration reserves the right to ask students to cover up or change if clothing is inappropriate or unsuitable for school. 


General Cell Phone Use:  Cell phones and other electronic devices are permitted during transition times (ie: breaks and lunch) . Please understand that the expectations may differ between classes and teachers. 


  • 1st incident – a warning is issued; device is returned at the end of the day,
  • 2nd incident -device is retained by the school until the end of the day and can only be retrieved by a parent/guardian;
  • 3rd incident- parent/guardian meeting will be required before the cell phone is returned.

Inappropriate Use of Cell Phones:  May include, but is not limited to the following list: pictures of students/staff, social media posts, air dropping pictures. 


  • 1st incident – 2 day suspension and a written letter of apology may be required before the student returns to school,
  • recurring incidents – 3-5 day suspension and a written letter of apology may be required before the student returns to school.  

On the Bus:  Cell phones must be turned off and stored away from immediate access during bus travel so as to promote the protection of privacy and confidentiality, discourage potential harassment, and create minimal distraction for the driver. 

  • Note:  Devices such as MP3 Players which are used only for playing music and are limited to the use of the individual student (i.e. used with earphones) may be used while riding on a school bus provided there is no disruptive influence or disturbance created on the bus.  For safety reasons, such devices must be turned off when students are boarding or disembarking from the bus. 

RETURNING GRADUATE AND FOURTH YEAR STUDENT POLICY – Students who have already graduated from high school and wish to return to upgrade their skills in order to gain entry to a post-secondary program or to complete a trades program may be able to do so. A flexible program of studies may be set up in consultation with administration and/or guidance which may involve the student taking only the course(s) needed.  The student’s behavior must be appropriate at all times in order to remain in the program.

Westisle Composite High School operates under the philosophy that all non-graduate students must have a full load of courses.  However, we do recognize that there are circumstances and situations where it would be in the best interests of all concerned that some returning fourth year students be scheduled with less than a full complement of courses.  Students not living up to the conditions of the contract may have the privilege withdrawn and face other disciplinary measures. Parents will be mailed a copy of the contract.

ATTENDANCE POLICY – Regular attendance is one of the primary reasons students are successful in high school.  According to the School Act, the responsibility for attending regularly lies with the students and their parents/guardians.  It is the aim of Westisle Staff to work with students and parents in maintaining a high level of attendance so that each student may experience success.  We encourage parents to inform us if their son/daughter is absent because of injury, sickness, or any other reason. That information will be communicated to the appropriate subject teacher.  We, on the other hand, will inform parents as early as possible of unnecessary absences. In addition, we will suggest some strategies that teachers may use to encourage high attendance by all students.  Students should check individual course outlines regarding the above.

Daily Attendance/Interventions

Each subject teacher will be responsible for monitoring and reporting the attendance of students registered in each of his/her classes. Parents will be informed by phone when a student has missed 5 classes in a course or when a student has missed 3 consecutive days.  The teacher will also enter this contact with the parents on the school’s computer system.

If the student misses 10 classes, 15 classes and 20 classes in a course parents will be notified by letter. 

Homework & Illness

When students are absent from class, it is their responsibility to contact someone from their classes to see what they have missed (or see their teachers upon their return).  If an absence is anticipated to be 3 or more days, parents are encouraged to contact the school to have homework collected to be picked up. Please note that we will need some time to gather this homework so a 24-hour turn-around is in place (i.e. call Wednesday and work is ready Thursday).

LATE POLICY – Avoidable lates are both discourteous and disruptive to fellow students and teachers.  If either the reasons for being late or the frequency of lateness becomes a concern, disciplinary action will be taken.  Leaving class early without the teacher’s permission is not permitted. Again, if either the reasons or the frequency of leaving early becomes a concern, disciplinary action will be taken.

The daily schedule is as follows:

8:55 – 10:10 Period 1

10:10 – 10:15 break

10:15 – 11:30 Period 2

11:30 -12:20 Lunch

12:20 – 1:35 Period 3

1:35-1:40 break

1:40 – 2:55 Period 4

Students not in their classroom/shop/lab two minutes following the times listed above will be considered late. Teachers/administrators will provide a Westisle late slip when having detained a student. 

Procedures For Lates/Leaving Class Early

  • The first late is noted by the teacher.
  • The second late is a warning.
  • The third will result in a call home and the incident will be recorded on the school’s computer system.
  • The fourth late will result in an office referral and this will lead to a period of suspension.
  • The fifth late will lead to an out of school suspension.
  • Any subsequent lates will result in an office referral (action to be determined by the teacher and the administration).

SOCIAL NETWORKING POLICY – The Internet is an electronic highway which connects computers all over the world.  The P.E.I. Department of Education promotes access to and use of computers by students, educators and other users.  Access to the Internet will provide students with additional learning materials and research opportunities.

While access to the Internet offers many benefits, some material is objectionable.  Software and services have been purchased and installed to assist in restricting access to objectionable material.  However, a determined user can always discover undesirable material.

Student Responsibilities

Students are required to adhere to the rules established for Internet access and use.

  • Students will be provided with access to the Internet provided that the signed Internet Use Agreement has been received by the designated school personnel and school rules are followed.
  • Students may view, quote from and copy published web pages for their personal use and for research purposes provided that the source of information is acknowledged and that copyrights and school rules are respected.
  • Students may not give their passwords to other persons or use passwords of others.
  • Students may download software programs only with the approval of the supervising teacher and provided that copyrights are respected.
  • Students may access discussion groups and news groups only in accordance with school rules.
  • Students who receive obscene information or threatening messages will immediately report the event to the supervising teacher.
  • Students will not use the Internet for illegal activities, to harass others or to conduct  commercial transactions through their school Internet account.  

The use of the Internet is a privilege and inappropriate use may result in the cancellation of the privilege and/or other disciplinary measures.  Inappropriate use will be determined at the discretion of the supervising teacher. In addition, law enforcement agencies may be contacted.


The Department of Education, Early Learning and Culture make no warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied, for the service being provided and are not responsible for any damages a student or other user may suffer.  This includes, but is not limited to, loss of data resulting from delays, non-deliveries, or service interruptions for any reasons or caused by a user’s own errors or omissions. Use of any information obtained via the Internet is at a user’s own risk.  The Department of Education, Early Learning and Culture specifically deny any responsibility for the accuracy or quality of information obtained through these services. The Department of Education, Early Learning and Culture disclaim liability for errors, omissions, damages or actions of any kind resulting from student use of the Internet.

Communication between students through social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, blogs, wikis, etc.) whether inside or outside of the school environment must not cause harm or discomfort to individuals or involve any form of harassment that would negatively impact the school.  Harassment in any form, including comments posted electronically, is unacceptable. Inappropriate, demeaning, harassing, or threatening messages shall be subject to disciplinary action. Police may be contacted and the actions could result in suspension, expulsion and/or criminal charges.  Using any technology to bypass any security systems on school computers is also a violation of this policy.

ALCOHOL AND DRUG USE POLICY – Westisle has a “Zero Tolerance” policy regarding alcohol and drug use.  Students are not to use or be in possession of any illegal drugs and/or alcohol while involved in any school sponsored activity.

Consequences for violation of policy on alcohol and drug use:

In addition to a school suspension, (length to be decided by the Westisle administration), the student will:

  1. (1) be removed from the activity in which the violation occurred for 1 calendar year.
  2.  not be permitted to participate in overnight travel for a period of 1 calendar year.
  3. not be permitted to participate in any extra-curricular activities for a minimum period of 3 school months.  After the 3 month period, students wishing to participate in extra-curricular activities must submit a written request to administration and appear before the extra-curricular appeals committee.
  4.  become involved in counselling with the school’s guidance dept. and/or with the Student Assistance Program coordinator.

Students and parents must be aware that when some students are caught with and/or consuming alcohol/drugs at a school activity in a group setting (i.e. school dances, hotel room, locker room, outside an exit, etc.) all students in that group will be considered responsible except when those not indulging can show conclusively that they took concrete steps to disassociate themselves from the unacceptable activity.

An information form is to be signed by both the student and parent/guardian so each can acknowledge the Extra-curricular Activities Policy for Westisle Composite High School.  Please

return the completed information form to the appropriate coach/advisor at the beginning of each sport/activity.

VAPING/SMOKING POLICY – Westisle is a smoke free place.  Consequently, the policy of the School specifies that smoking and the use of tobacco products or “look alike” products (i.e. electronic cigarettes or vaporizers) is not permitted in buildings or vehicles owned by the Board or in private vehicles on school property or on any Public Schools Branch property. Consequences to students who violate the policy are as follows:

  •  First violation- A one day suspension with a phone contact and letter to the parents and a research study component.
  •  Second violation- A three day suspension with a telephone call and letter to parents indicating the specifics of the suspension including the education and research components and that a further violation will result in a more lengthy suspension.
  •  Third violation- A five day suspension with a letter to parents and a meeting with the student and parents to discuss the specifics of the suspension and the problem.  The student will also be given a preventative or rehabilitative consequence so they will better understand the  long term effects of smoking.  
  •  Fourth violation- A five day suspension with parents notified that they must contact the Director of the school to arrange a meeting before the student will be reinstated.  The reinstatement process will include a meeting with the parents to outline the terms under which the  student will be permitted to return to school.  NOTE: At any of the first three violations in the disciplinary process, the school will require students to meet specific other terms  in order to return to regular classes or school.  For example – writing an essay on smoking; doing research on the harmful effects of smoking; visiting with and talking to  health care providers or health victims of smoking.  Suspensions administered by the Principal in violations one, two, and three may involve in-school and out-of-school suspensions, at the discretion of the Principal, and in combination with the rehabilitative  strategies suggested above.

The school will maintain a record of all smoking violations and associated correspondence.  

*Any suspension of 5 days or more will result in the student not being permitted to participate in any extra-curricular activities for a period up to 12 months.  After 3 months, students wishing to participate in extra-curricular activities must submit a written request to administration and appear before the extra-curricular appeals committee to have those privileges reinstated.  

Athletic and Extra-Curricular Policy and Procedure
Trades and Pre Apprenticeship Policy and Procedure
Graduation Requirements
Course Selection Process
Grade 10 Selection
Grade 11 and 12 Course Selections
Supplementary Exams
Evaluation and Reporting